2018 Student Camp

Christian University of Thailand, Nakhon Pathom, Thailand

October 10 - 14, 2018

Conference theme: "The Internet's Impact on Identity and Character Development of Students in Asian Christian Higher Education: Issues and Solutions"


Every two years, the ACUCA Secretariat organizes a camp for students from our member schools. For 2018, we are organizing this student camp concurrently with the ACUCA Biennial Conference. We hope to have at least two students from every member school at the camp. The schools pay for their students to travel to the camp and pay a USD50 registration fee for the students (if more than two students come, the fee is USD200 each, for the third, fourth, etc).

The 2018 Student Camp will be held on the campus of Christian University of Thailand (CUT), which is in Nakhon Pathom, about 2 hours southwest of Bangkok, the capitol of Thailand. The Camp will be held from Wednesday, October 10, 2018 through Sunday, October 14, 2018, and will be held at the same time as the Biennial Conference and General Assembly of ACUCA for presidents, administrators, and teachers. We will be having some meals, conversation, and fun activities together with the adults. We will also have time to make new friends from all over Asia, and work and play together as we consider some important issues from the student perspective.

This year, the theme is "The Internet's Impact on Identity and Character Development of Students in Asian Christian Higher Education: Issues and Solutions." We are pleased to welcome Rev. James E Wilder, Ph.D., as our keynote speaker. Born and raised in Colombia, South America, he received a B.A. in Psychology at Bemidji State University, an M.A. in Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary and a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the Fuller Graduate School of Psychology. He has been working on the integration of brain science and biblical scripture for many years. Rev. Dr. Wilder has some fascinating and challenging insights for us to think about as young people in the age of the internet.

This year we are asking students to prepare three things ahead of time to present during the Camp:

  1. Students will prepare a paper, or a video, or a poster on the theme of the impact of the internet on their development as persons who are students in Asian universities and colleges. We will present these to one another on Thursday, October 11, in order to share our different experiences and perspectives. Papers (Word file), videos (YouTube link), and posters (photos of) should be sent to the General Secretary (gensec.acuca@gmail.com) by September 26, 2018, so we can organize them for the presentations. You may work on these as individuals or present something as a school.

  2. Students in each country should prepare a country cultural presentation which will be performed at the Conference Welcome Dinner on Thursday, October 11, which all Conference participants will attend. Students will have time to rehearse together on the afternoon before the opening dinner. Plan and prepare for this as a group from your country.

  3. Students in each country should prepare one traditional cultural game or dance from their country to teach all the Camp and the Conference attendees. Each country group will present this for a fun time together on Friday evening, October 12, after enjoying dinner together. If any equipment is needed for the game or dance, the students should prepare and bring it with them to the camp.


A schedule of the camp is posted in the link below. There will be times of worship, sports and fitness opportunities, a tour to a famous old floating market, and lots of good Thai food. Please let us know of dietary needs on the application form.

We will listen to the keynote speaker, and then students will share the papers, videos, and posters they prepared ahead of time. Our speaker has suggested the following questions for student presentations, but you are not limited to these:

How has the internet changed these three things: 1) who we consider "our people", 2) how those people act and 3) how they interact since your grandparents were your age?

Compare how the internet and Christianity have impacted these two things: 1) the ways and 2) amount of time that people relate face-to-face since your grandparents were your age.

After input from the speaker and from one another, students will discuss the issues and suggestions, to create and give Country Group presentations of their ideas and suggestions on the theme to Conference participants (the presidents, administrators, teachers). This is a great chance for students to contribute to their schools and countries, and to ACUCA.

The registration deadline is 14 September 2018.

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