Guidelines on the ACUCA SMS Subsidies

1. Amount of subsidies
- Living Expenses Subsidy: Up to 500 USD per month depending on the country where the student's home institution is located and the destination.
- Travel Subsidy: Up to 750 USD

1-1. Living Expenses Subsidy
100 USD or 200 USD as an adjustment will be added to the base amount of 300 USD if a student goes to a country with higher cost of living than the country where his/her home institution is located. Only the base amount will be paid if a student goes to a country within the same category or a country with lower cost of living. The living cost will be provided 75% for the maximum period of 4 months


Difference of 1 category (B to A , C to B) 100 USD
Difference of 2 categories (C to A) 200 USD

[Category of countries]

Country Category
Japan A
Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan B
India, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand C
e.g. 1. A student from Indonesia to Japan: 500 USD
  (base amount and adjustment of 200 USD)
e.g. 2. A student from Korea to Taiwan: 300 USD (base amount only)

2. Required documents

  • Application form

Once accepted you must also send a copy of:

  1. the student acceptance letter
  2. the receipt for the student’s flight tickets

The student's home institution should submit those forms to the ACUCA Secretariat by the application deadline as specified below:

[Application Deadline]

Beginning period of their study Application Deadline Notification Date
Spring Semester TBA (see homepage) Early October
Fall Semester TBA (see homepage) Early May

3. Selection process and announcement
After receiving their applications, the Executive Committee will decide the amount of airfare and living expenses subsidies for the student(s) within the limits of the budget.
The Secretariat should immediately announce the decision to their home institution by email.

4. Method of the payment
The Secretariat will request in writing the auditing institution to send a bank check of the total amount of subsidy to the participant's home institution. Upon receipt of the bank check, the stipend should be wired to the student(s) by the home institution.