Application Steps for the ACUCA SMS

To nominate your students to the ACUCA SMS, please go through the following steps:
Step 1. Ensure the eligibility
Step 2. Nominate your students to SMS participating institutions
Step 3. Apply for the subsidies to the Secretariat

Each university is entitled to get a maximum of 2 subsidies for the SMS.

Step 1. Applicant Eligibility
Please first ensure whether your students are eligible to apply for the SMS before your nomination.

Applicants must:
- be registered in a full-time degree program at one of the SMS participating institutions*.
- have attained a cumulative Grade Point Average of not less than 2.50 on a scale of 4.
- have attained the required language competence level and who meet the entrance requirements of the institution to which admission is sought.

*If your institution is not a SMS participating institution, please send a form, "Reply Proforma", to the Secretariat. Although not necessary for participation, your institution may require formal documentation in order to participate in the SMS. If this is the case, we have prepared an ACUCA SMS General Memorandum of Understanding. For further details, please contact the ACUCA Secretariat.

Step 2. Nomination of your students to SMS participating institutions
To nominate a student(s) to a SMS participating institution, please contact the host institution where the applicant(s) wish to enroll and prepare for the required application materials following their instructions. In other words, each institution should maintain communication with the host institution directly to enable successful assignment of applying students.

When you officially nominate your students to SMS institutions, please also submit a nomination form to the Secretariat to confirm the number of participants.

Step 3. Application for subsidies
Those who are accepted by the host institution under the ACUCA SMS are eligible to apply for subsidies. If you have any participants who seek for financial support, please follow the instructions and submit his/her application documents:

- Types of Subsidies.
There are two types of subsidies listed below. The participants can apply for both types of financial support.

Living Expenses Subsidy: From 300 to 500 USD per month* The living cost will be provided 75% for the maximum period of 4 months
Travel Subsidy: Up to 750 USD*

* These are indicative amounts and the final decision on the amount of a subsidy awarded to each applicant will be made by the Executive Committee.

-Application process
The coordinator of the participant's home institution should complete a Subsidy Request Form and submit it to the ACUCA secretariat together with a copy of their acceptance letter by the application deadline.
Those who apply for the travel subsidy should also submit a copy of the receipt for the student's flight tickets.

-Application Deadlines

Beginning period of their study Application deadline Notification date
Fall Semester March 15 (same year) Early May (same year)
Spring Semester August 15 (preceeding year) Early October (preceeding year)

-Selection process
After receiving their applications, the Executive Committee will decide the amount of airfare and living expenses subsidies for the student(s) within the limits of the budget.

- Method of the payment
A bank check of the total amount of subsidy will be sent to the participant's home institution. The stipend should be wired to each student by the home institution upon receipt of the bank check.

If you have any questions about the application process, please contact ACUCA SMS at

Those who have participated in the scheme should submit a report to share your experience with other prospective students. After your return, please complete this report and submit to the office which handles the ACUCA SMS at your institution.