Programs & Plans


The General Assembly is an opportunity for member institutions to get together on a biennial basis and share their experiences and expertise in the field of Christian higher education. Every year members can renew friendships, discover best practices and help to shape the general vision and direction of ACUCA.


While the General Assembly allows for democratic input into the overall direction of ACUCA, the biennial Management Conference is a more focused, theme based event. The Management Conference brings institutions together for a more detailed discussion on a single theme. Previous conferences have been excellent platforms for debate and discussion on areas of interest that have appeared at the General Assembly.


In an effort to foster mutual understanding and respect for diversity, ACUCA has established the Student Mobility Schemes (SMS). The SMS provides for tuition waivers and airfare subsidies to facilitate intra-Asian student exchange. On acceptance, students enroll for a maximum of one semester at their chosen institution.


The biennial ACUCA Student Camp is intended as a time in which students at ACUCA member institutions can reflect upon the Christian mission of ACUCA as it relates to their university life. The camp also intends to promote intercultural understanding through a variety of workshops and discussions. The final night of the student camp ends with an intercultural festival, in which students are given an opportunity to express the uniqueness of their culture through song, dance and drama. Students leave the camp with a heightened awareness of the basic tenets of Christianity, as well as making a host of friends for life.


In order to facilitate and enhance awareness and understanding between members throughout the year, a news­letter is compiled and printed Semi-annually by the secretariat. The majority of the content of the newsletter is provided on a voluntary basis by all ACUCA institutions. The front page of the newsletter is ordinarily devoted to an editorial written by an expert on a single issue, of importance to ACUCA. The newsletter is also used in coordination with the website to help promote many of the activities of institutions. Back issues of our newsletter are available to download as full color Adobe PDF files from the ACUCA website.

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