ACUCA Management Conference 2017

October 19-22, 2017

"Exploring the Relationship of Religion, Culture and Peace in Christian Higher Education"

About 60 ACUCA participants from member institutions joined 15 full-time participants and staff from Payap University in this year’s Management Conference at Payap University in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The conference organizers proposed the theme, “Exploring the Relationship of Religion, Culture and Peace in Christian Higher Education,” which is a focus developed in several ways at Payap University. Organization of the conference was undertaken jointly by the ACUCA executive committee, a conference taskforce of Payap University, Payap’s Institute for Religion, Culture and Peace (IRCP), and the Christian Communications Institute (CCI) of Payap. Housing for conference participants was arranged at the Empress Hotel and Conference Center in Chiang Mai. The United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia provided scholarships for 10 participants, and sent three staff members to observe and participate.

For more information please read the full conference report here.

The Keynote speech for the 2017 ACUCA Management Conference by Dr. Suchart Setthamlinee is available to download here.

The Conference Program and Proceedings is available to download here.

Below is a slideshow of some photos taken during the conference. More photos are available in the photo gallery.


Payap University

2017 ACUCA Management Conference hosted at Payap University