2014 ACUCA Student Camp will be held by Fu Jen Catholic University on Aug. 11 to Aug. 15.


Greetings from ACUCA Student Camp Planning Committee!

Over 100 students from ACUCA institutions from eight countries and other areas will attend the student camp organized by Fu Jen Catholic University between August 11 and August 15, 2014.
The theme for this year's camp is: "Values Education: Re-discovering our Values to Foster a Better You and Build a Better World."

In order to prepare for the camp, we ask you to work on pre-camp assignments below. Please read the details and submit them to
acuca-camp@mail.fju.edu.tw by the deadline.
We look forward to greeting with you in Taipei in August.

For each participant

The purpose of these pre-camp assignments is to invite each one to reflect and review on one's values, including values of their own culture and modern values and how one can work actively to contribute to building a better world.
1. Written Article Due: July 20, 2014
It is a write-up on the theme by each participant. The best articles will be given a reward at the Opening Ceremony and will be published in the ACUCA Newsletter.

For each country or area

1. Each country will be in charge of preparing the morning and evening prayer.
You shall be informed of the schedule in due course.
2. Prepare one program for the Cultural Night
3. Prepare Country Presentation

<For Discussion sessions

The theme of discussion will be based on the points presented at the Keynote Address and Country Presentation.



REMINDERS FOR THE CAMP -- Download (Word) / Download (PDF)

For the first 2 students, the registration fee is NT$1600 (US$50) per person. For any additional students, the registration fee is NT$6400 (US$200) per student.
The registration fee covers accommodation, food and cultural tour on Aug.14. It should be paid at the registration counter during the camp in cash in New Taiwan Dollar (if a participant wishes to pay in US dollars, please inform us in advance.)

For enquiries, please contact the ACUCA Student Camp Secretariat

Add: 510 Zhongzheng Rd., Xinzhuang Dist.,
New Taipei City, Taiwan, ROC [24205]
E-mail: acuca-camp@mail.fju.edu.tw
Phone: +886 - 2 - 29053005
FAX: +886 - 2 - 29028073


Students are given an opportunity to review one's personal values, values of their culture and values of their faith. They share what they have thought of in terms of growing in values of TRUTH, GOODNESS, BEAUTY and HOLINESS, while also examining the situation in their own countries, as to how Value Education is promoted in the educational institutions. Students from respective ACUCA member countries and region are required to produce and deliver a 15-minute PPT presentation.
Student representatives from each of ACUCA countries shall coordinate together in order to produce a single paper. The details of the presentation and the paper will be announced from ACUCA Student Camp Planning Committee after the registration. We will e-mail to all student representatives participating in the camp. After the paper has been produced, each country must delegate reporters who will give the presentation at the camp. Each presentation should be approximately 15-minutes in duration, to be followed by a 5 to 10 minute 'Question and Answer' session. Fu Jen Catholic University will provide the necessary projector and computer with the Microsoft Office software.
Full papers for this presentation should be sent via e-mail to the ACUCA Student Camp Planning Committee acuca-camp@mail.fju.edu.tw in Microsoft Word document format (maximum 750 words) by the day when we will set after the registration.


Students are to avail themselves of this opportunity to introduce the culture of their home country to their fellow participants. It is hoped that they can deepen understanding of the diversity of cultures in our region as well as their mutual friendship. All students attending the camp from respective ACUCA member countries are required to participate in the Cultural Night on 13 August.
This Cultural Night is an opportunity for students to show us key elements of their respective culture, including performance such as dance, drama, singing, etc.
Each performance should be approximately 10 minutes in duration. Please bring an outfit or musical instrument or music that represents your culture, to be worn during the cultural night. Each participant is also invited to bring some typical snacks or sweets to be shared during exchange of cultural desserts



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