Report on “Payap in Unity with Flood Victims” Project

Dear ACUCA Members,

In November 2011, ACUCA sent a donation of US$5,000 to each of the four Thai ACUCA member institutions; Asia-Pacific International University, Payap University, Assumption University, and Christian University of Thailand (total of US$20,000), for their activities to support victims of the flood that affected Thailand last year.

The ACUCA Secretariat received a report from Payap University regarding their flood relief activities. Payap's report outlines their various activities, including details on the use of the donation from ACUCA. If you have a moment to look over the report I think you will see the devoted efforts they are making to support recovery in their area.

I hope you all will continue to monitor and support this issue in the future.

ACUCA Secretariat

Report on "Payap in Unity with Flood Victimes" Project

(February 7, 2012)

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