CALL FOR PAPERS: Apocalypse Revisited: Japan, Hiroshima, and the Place of Mimesis

Dear ACUCA Members,

I'd like to contact you at this time in order to send you information about a call for papers from Jeremiah Alberg, a professor at International Christian University, for the "First International Conference of the Japan Girard Association and the Annual International Conference the Colloquium on Violence & Religion (COV&R)."

If there might be anyone at your school who might have an interest in this subject and be interested in submitting a paper for the conference, I hope they will take this opportunity to participate.

I attach here details on the call for papers. Any questions may be directed to Jeremiah Alberg (

Thank you for your kind attention.

Johannes Unsok Ro
ACUCA, General Secretary

*The Japan Girard Association Website


(December 12, 2011)

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