Support to Thai Member Institutions

ACUCA Executive Committee members have decided to make a donation to each of ACUCA’s Thai member institutions in order to provide support in the face of the flooding the region is currently experiencing. The donations are in the amount of US$5,000 to each of the four Thai member institutions (Payap University, Assumption University, Christian University of Thailand and Asia-Pacific International University)(US$20,000 total).

The member institutions in Thailand contacted us to let us know how they are faring with regard to the flooding in the region. Although they have not directly experienced damage from this disaster, an end to the flooding is not yet in sight and the Executive Committee decided to make the donation in light of the relief activities each school is starting at this time.

We believe there are many ACUCA colleges and universities already providing relief in various forms to Thailand but we hope all ACUCA member institutions will continue to offer their support to the Thai people and ACUCA’s member institutions in Thailand.

Johannes Unsok Ro, Dr. Theol.
ACUCA General Secretary

(November 18, 2011)

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