Changes to the Student Mobility Scheme

With the increase in ACUCA Student Mobility Scheme (SMS) participating members, we have found it necessary to make the SMS procedure simple and convenient to enable promotion of the program. The Secretariat will no longer coordinate the collection of applications and assign the students to the various hosting institutions. From January 2010, the Secretariat’s primary function will be to act as a regulator and distributor of the travel subsidy. The role of Secretariat for the SMS will now be:


Ÿ Promoting the SMS

Ÿ Helping new member institutions to join

Ÿ Maintaining a record of all applications

Ÿ Updating the semester deadlines and requirements on behalf of each  participating institution on the ACUCA website

Ÿ Arranging travel subsidies



SMS Application Procedure


1. Each participating institution must provide the necessary information for the student mobility program (deadlines and requirements) to the ACUCA Secretariat. The Secretariat will collect and distribute the information through this website.


2. Each institution should themselves apply directly to ACUCA SMS participating institutions and maintain communication with them to enable successful assignment of applying students between the respective exchanging institutions.


3. There are TWO parts to the application:

Ÿ For admission, the application materials required by the host institution should be sent directly to the institution in advance of the deadline.

Ÿ For the ACUCA travel subsidy, an ACUCA nomination form (downloadable from this website) should be sent to the ACUCA Secretariat when the institutional application form is submitted. Upon acceptance, the applying institution should send the ACUCA travel subsidy form (downloadable from this website), a copy of the acceptance letter, and a copy of the flight tickets to the Secretariat by the following dates:




Travel subsidy deadline

1st half

September 30 (previous year as the planned time of study)

2nd half

February 28 (the same year as the planned time of study)

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