Attention Student Mobility Scheme Member Institutions

Wenzao Ursuline College of Languages are going to hold a 3-week Chinese learning camp for students and faculty members of  their sister schools this summer from July 6th~24th, aiming at introducing Taiwanese culture and language by having the participants attend chinese courses, series of lectures on Taiwan studies, various kinds of cultural activates, and field trips.  Only a non-refundable registration fee of US$250 will be charged, and all expenses for language courses, lecture series, accommodation, meals, local transportation, cultural activities and field trips will be covered by Wenzao. 

Wenzao Ursuline would like to invite the member schools from ACUCA Student Mobility Scheme to participate in this great event.   

The application deadline for ACUCA member schools is May 20th, and they can accept 1-2 students from each school. 


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