KOREA  Keimyung University

Institution Name Keimyung University
Religious Affiliation Presbyterian Year of Founding 1899
Street 1095 Dalgubeol-daero, Dalseo-gu City Daegu
State   Postal Code 42601
Country Korea
Telephone +82-53-580-6556, 6557 Fax
Email asiacenter@kmu.ac.kr Website www.kmu.ac.kr/english


Head of Institution Mr. SYNN Ilhi Position President
Address 1095 Dalgubeol-daero, Daegu 42601, Republic of Korea
Telephone +82-53-580-5000 Fax 82-53-580-5005
Email synnilhi@kmu.ac.kr

    Areas of Strength

International Academic Programs (Keimyung Adams College, Dual/Joint Degree Programs),
Fine Arts, Music, Media Arts, Physical Education, Mechanics, Medicine


Name of Office Asia Center of the International Office
Head Mr. PARK Sung Ho Position Director
Address 1095 Dalgubeol-daero, Daegu 42601, Republic of Korea
Telephone +82-53-580-5471 Fax 82-53-580-6495
Email asiacenter@kmu.ac.kr

    Student Population












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    Faculties / Schools / Colleges (e.g. School of Sciences)

College of Humanities and International Studies, College of Education,
College of Business Administration, College of Social Sciences, College of Natural Sciences,
College of Engineering, College of Medicine, College of Pharmacy, College of Nursing,
College of Music & Performing Arts, College of Fine Arts, College of Fashion
College of Physical Education, College of Fine Arts, Keimyung Adams College (KAC),
Artech College, Tabula Rasa College


    Research Institutes

Research Institute of Life Science
Research Institute of Industrial Science
The Research Institute for Social Sciences
Institute for Medical Science
Institute for Cancer Research
Research Institute of Nursing Science
Institute of Humanities
Institute of Natural Science
Brain Research Institute
Kidney Institute
Institute for Women’s Studies
Institute for Sport Science



Acta Koreana


    Mission Statement

Keimyung University

Looking back at our history of more than a half century, we can say that Keimyung University has made innovative strides toward becoming a leading university in Korea and an outstanding institution in the global community of higher education. The members of the Keimyung academic community, including its faculty, staff, students, alumni and many domestic and foreign friends, are contributing diverse values and means for the achievement of our collective and conceptual objective of transforming Keimyung into a distinguished institution that continues to pursue its pioneering mission of "opening light," as its name literally indicates.

Keimyung has been striving hard to inspire and motivate its students to learn and grow. We are particularly mindful of financially disadvantaged students, and have taken measures to ensure their higher education progresses without undue financial burden to themselves or their families. Among other initiatives, we have established a very ambitious scholarship system called the "Bisa Scholar Program," effective from the spring term of 2009. The objective of this program is to recognize and encourage promising students, so that their education at Keimyung, regardless of their financial situation, becomes a constructive foundation for their future life.

As an international center of higher learning, Keimyung has actively pursued academic and cultural exchanges with universities abroad. There is a large and continuous flow of students and professors coming from abroad and going abroad for study and advanced professional training. Keimyung will continue to dedicate itself to the education and development of its students so that they may become disciplined citizens of the world equipped with professional competence and also tempered with a profound sense of ethical responsibility and cross-cultural sensitivity.

Keimyung University, as a dependable leader in the global intellectual community, will endeavor to accomplish its mission of "opening light" for all humanity. Keimyung, aptly symbolized by a Winged Lion, will soar high as a university of sound academic tradition, creative dreams, and humane dignity. As members of the greater Keimyung community, let us direct ourselves to the great confluent stream of light of individual thoughts and feelings so that our light becomes a vital instrument of education in the loving hands our Teacher and Saviour.


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Ms. KIM Bora







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