KOREA  Hannam University

Institution Name Hannam University
Religious Affiliation Presbyterian  Year of Founding 1956
Street 133, Ojeong dong, Daedeok gu, City Daejeon
State Postal Code 82
Country Korea
Telephone +82-42-629-7739 Fax +82142-629+7779
Email hnuchoi@gmail.com Website http://www.hannam.ac.kr

Head of Institution Hyungtae Kim Position President
Address 133, Ojeong dong, Daedeok gu, Daejeon, Korea
Telephone +82-42-629-7005 Fax +82-42-629-6770
Email cir@hannam.ac.kr

Areas of Strength

■ Linton GlobalCollege

The Linton Global College's aim is to educate future experts equipping them with both theoretical and practical knowledge to work in international business. This is a unique college with courses that are conducted solely in English, where students are constantly immersed in an international atmosphere, both in terms of their education and their living style. The entire faculty of Linton Global College consists of English speaking foreigners educated abroad. The College offers two majors: the Department of Global Communication and Culture offers courses in journalism, theories of communication, photography and media utilization etc; while the Department of Global Business offers a wide range of business courses that aim to provide students with a well-rounded education to prepare them for the international business world upon graduation.

The Linton Global College provides a 'study-abroad' experience combining English immersion and international culture with high global standards of academic excellence. The Global Communication Arts major is an interdisciplinary program suitable for students who want to become proficient international specialists in culture and business. The main focus is training competent professionals with strong Christian integrity, cosmopolitan minds, and proficiency in foreign languages; all underlying the ability to work with expertise in the global marketplace. All classes will be conducted in English by qualified international faculty.

◎Division of Global Studies - Global Communication and Culture
◎Division of Global Studies - Global Business

■ The College of Life Sciences and Nano-technology

The College of Life Sciences and Nano-technology located in Daedeok Valley campus (the second campus), Hannam University at the Daedeok Innopolis is a composite college with the purpose for greater industry-academia cooperation by linking complex research and venture businesses to provide study support for the students and consultation for the companies. Internships undertaken at theses enterprises are core to this program and through technologically-intense and innovative projects, we aspire our graduates to aim to become future CEOs and experts in the field.

The College of Life Science and Nanotechnology has been designed to not only provide specialized educational programs, but to also conduct research in the fields of life science and nanotechnology. As a means of broadening students' expertise in the fields of biotechnology (BT) and nanotechnology (NT), the college will run programs in conjunction with related industries and research institutes. Staff and faculty at the Daedeok Valley campus will make consistent, all-out efforts to educate and motivate the students to become creative and devotional leaders in the society, particularly in the BT and NT areas.

◎Department of Biological Sciences
◎Department of Food and Nutrition
◎Department of Biotechnology
◎Department of Chemistry
◎Department of Chemical Engineering and Nano-Bio Technology
◎Department of Advanced Materials

■Center for Korean Language and Studies – http://hankls.hnu.kr/

Name of Office Center for International Relations
Head Wonbae Kim Position Director
Address 133, Ojeong dong, Daedeok gu, Daejeon, Korea
Telephone +82-42-629-7740 Fax +82-42-629-6770
Email wbkim@hnu.kr

Student Population












Attach list of undergraduate programs Indicate those taught in English.


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(Only English Language & Literature/Management Information Systems / Multimedia /Advanced Materials & Chemical Engineering/ BT-NT Fusion Science and Technology is conducted by English)

Faculties / Schools / Colleges (e.g. School of Sciences)

- Faculty : Total 572
- School : Undergraduate School

Graduate Schools

Graduate School of Social Culture

Graduate School of Education<

Graduate School of Business and Industry

Graduate School of Theological Interdisciplinary Studies

Graduate School of Public Administration and Welfare

Graduate School of National Defense Strategy


- College : 

College of Liberal Arts

College of Education

College of Natural Sciences

College of Engineering

College of Economics and Business Administration

College of Law

College of Social Sciences

College of Art and Design

Linton Global College

College of Life Science and Nano Technology

Research Institutes

-Research Institute for the Humanities

-Research Institute for Studies in Education

-Institute for Natural Science Research

-Industrial Technology Research Institute

-Institute of Business Research

-Institute of Economics Research

-Institute for Social Science

-Research center for M&S


- Hannam Media

- H.N.B.S(HanNam University Broadcasting Station)

- Hannam University  Newpaper “Chung Lim” ( Korean)

- The Hannam Time ( English )

Mission Statement

Hannam University was established in 1956 by American missionaries of the Southern Presbyterian Church of the United States (currently PCUSA). As a Christian University, Hannam has never faltered in maintaining its Christian roots as it has a uniquely Christian atmosphere that places emphasis on truth, freedom, and service.

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